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Clients Love


Ethel Sage

Did her very first ballet lesson with firstpointe and she fell in love with dance! Thank you for doing what you do and your passion has inspired many children to dance too! Cheers! Parents - Jeff & Hazel


Ronesha & Renetta

Ballet wasn't her first love, but it grew on her in time. Thank you Ms Tan and Ms Lynette for helping Ronesha find her passion, discipline, confidence and poise through her lessons all these years. Presently, her little sister is on the same path to find her own joy in learning ballet too. Keep up the good work Firstpointe! Parent - Kris


Kong Lin Peng

When friends and family first found out that I was learning ballet, they all laughed and said that I was too old for it. It was only under Ms Tan's guidance and encouragement that I persisted. Although the initial difficulty was discouraging, I now can't imagine a life without ballet.

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