Baby & Pre-Primary Ballet For Young Children

Ballet helps children develop physical strength, agility, musicality, good concentration, and generates a love of movement. Give your child an early start to a rewarding and enjoyable dance experience.

Children as young as 2+ years are able to experience the joy of dancing to music. Ballet helps young children develop good posture and coordination. The shorter duration is perfect for young children to learn the fundamentals of ballet at a relaxing pace.

Age Guidelines for Young Children

Level Suggested age
Baby Ballet 1 Year the child turns 3
Baby Ballet 2 Year the child turns 4
Pre-Primary Year the child turns 5

Ballet Attire

If your child does not have existing ballet attire he/she may attend the trial class in comfortable clothing of stretchable material (fitting t-shirt and leggings work well) and a pair of socks. Upon enrolment our students are required to purchase our uniform at $72, ballet shoes at $33, and ballet socks at $7.

Signing Up

You can only sign up for trial class once. We will waive off your registration fees if you sign up within 7 days after the trial session.

Upon signing up, there will be a $50 registration fee, $150 deposit for enrolment and you will need to purchase the uniform for RAD classes. (Deposit is refundable with a withdrawal notice submitted 1 calendar month in advance during your active term).

Course Fees


33 /Class
  • Each class is 45 mins.
  • Applies to drop-in classes.
  • Subject to class availability.


319 /11 Classes
  • Each class is 45 mins.
  • Valid within the same academic term.
  • Makeup with same value class within the same term.
  • $50 registration and $150 refundable deposit applies.

Payment Modes

Kindly make payment via PayNow to UEN 201523998Z
Fund transfer to OCBC Bank - Account number 601288640001
Please INDICATE the INVOICE NO. in remarks.
Cash OR cheque payable to FIRSTPOINTE PTE. LTD. are also accepted at our premise.

Fees are non transferable nor refundable.
Late fees of $50 may apply after the due date. Kindly make the payment on time.
Deposit refundable with 1 month notice during your active term, otherwise it will be forfeited.