Contemporary Dance Technique Class

A technique class that progresses from warm up exercises that include starting on the floor to find relaxation and draw awareness to basic movement patterns of the body, to ballet-based centre exercises in standing, and then to travelling across the floor and moving in space.

Suitable for dancers with some form of movement background.

Recommended Attire

Fitted gym attire with long pants (you’ll need your legs covered) and a pair of socks.

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Terms & Conditions of Enrolment


$40 /Class 75mins
  • Applies to trial classes and drop-in classes.
  • Subject to class availability.


$300 /8 Classes (Per class 75mins)
  • Valid within 3 months.
  • May be used across same value or lesser value classes.
  • $30 one-time registration applies.


$396 /11 Classes (Per class 75mins)
  • Valid within the same academic term.
  • Makeup with same value class within the same term.
  • $30 registration and $150 refundable deposit applies.