Elite Programme Auditions


Welcome to our Elite Dance Training Programme, a meticulously crafted initiative aimed at nurturing young talents with a fervour for dance. Our comprehensive training serves as a launching pad for those aspiring to pursue dance professionally.

Programme Overview - Emphasis on fundamental ballet techniques, performance, and artistic development and Soloist Track, a unique extension for selected participants after a year of training.

Soloist Track Details
- Private Coaching: Personalised refinement of individual dance styles and techniques.
- Group Classes: Intensive and regular training to enhance skills                                                                             - Participation in local and international competitions

Individualised Development Plans
- Collaborative planning with parents to create tailored development plans.
- Highlights strengths, areas for improvement, and a roadmap for achieving professional dance aspirations.

Audition Preparation
- Tailored modules focusing on audition techniques for professional dance academies.
- Guidance on resume building, portfolio development, and audition etiquette.

  • Audition is on 30th January 2024, 6pm-7:30pm

Programme Logistics

- Location: Firstpointe Aperia Mall
- Contact: Email us at support@firstpointe.com.sg or call/WhatsApp us at 63853321.
- Enrolment: If accepted, students will undergo ballet training at Firstpointe. Details on class schedules are available on our Timetable Page

Join us in this transformative journey, where passion meets precision, and dreams find their spotlight!