Firstpointe T&Cs


  1. Students who wish to enroll at firstpointe must register through our enrolment form prior to attending their first class in any dance style. You can download the enrolment form online at
  2. Fees are payable upon enrolment and at the beginning of each term.
  3. A one-time registration fee of $50 will be charged for new enrolment.
  4. A late fee of $50 applies to all accounts due after 14 days and after 21 days its will be additional 10% of the payable invoiced amount.
  5. New enrolments are subject to a fee deposit of $150.
    Deposit refundable with 1 month notice during your active term, otherwise it will be forfeited.
  6. Students have to bear the fees for the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) examinations and any extra coaching classes prior to examinations and other related cost.
  7. A tax invoice will be issued to each student one week before each term or upon enrolment.
  8. Fees are neither refundable nor transferable between students or terms except for absence due to serious illness that requires hospitalization and physical injuries such as fractures of the arm/leg. In such case, a partial (50%) refund of term fees may be considered with submission of valid medical certificates.


1st term           January to March
2nd term          April to June
3rd term          July to September
4th term          October to December

Each term comprises eleven weeks. Term breaks are scheduled during local school holidays. Classes will not be conducted on public holidays, during ballet examinations and other ballet activities such as school concerts and dance workshops. Such classes will not be replaced. Actual dates will be updated regularly in the year. Check with FP (Firstpointe) for more details


Class schedule for each term will be determined by the academy, which reserves the right to combine, transfer, or dissolve a class anytime as necessary.

When a student moves to the next higher level after an examination, the class duration and frequency will be extended.


Students must keep to regular attendance. This is to ensure consistency in their progress. The respective teacher or office staff should be kept informed if students are unable to attend any class for any reasons. Students in the vocational graded classes should email to the Artistic Director as well as their respective teachers (email add ) on their reasons for absence.

If a student is not fit for ballet examination, she or he will be required to either sign up for extra coaching classes or retain in the same level for another year to develop better understanding of their body and muscular strength.

Cancellation of Class

Should a class be cancelled by the Academy, students will be referred to an alternative class, or re-scheduled to another day, or given additional time during existing class until the lost time has been compensated. However, there will be no replacement of classes or refund of fees if the academy is required to be closed due to regulatory reasons such as those imposed by Ministry of Health/Education as a result of haze or contagious diseases.

Withdrawal and termination

Students registered and attending classes at the Academy will continue with classes from term to term unless the academy is notified in writing of any intention to withdraw.

Students who wish to withdraw or discontinue classes are required to give one full calendar month notice in advance during your active term.

Withdrawn students will not be able to enjoy on going promotions by FP/Partners within 12 months from the withdrawal date. This is to prevent abuse of on going promotions and benefits for students who withdrew and sign up again after withdrawal to enjoy on going promotions for new student sign up.

Classroom Regulations

Students MUST be on time for every class. The Academy will request for parents’ written explanations if students are constantly late or absent from classes.

All students must be appropriately dressed for class in correct studio uniform and correct footwear.

All students must be appropriately groomed for class, with their hair tied back securely. Female students must have their hair in a bun with hairnet and U-pins for every ballet class. Female students with short hair must secure it with a soft headband. Male students should have their hair off their face.

Any student dressed or groomed inappropriately will be asked to improve their appearance when next attending.

The Academy should be informed of medical problems or physical injuries in order that the student is not over-strained during class.

Students, who need to leave class before ends, should notify the teacher of office staff before class commences.

NO food and drinks are allowed in the studio.

Parents are not allowed to sit in the dance studio and observe classes except during Open House.

Class Policies

Term classes maybe cancelled if there are not enough students (Min 3), management reserve the rights to make changes without prior notice or explanation.
Teachers will make recommendations on the suitability of the class level for the students base on their assessment.
Classes will move with their grade if they are taking RAD/CSTD graded classes thus the days and timing might change.
Please check with FP (Firstpointe) on the latest Classes/terms updates.
Students taking RAD exams will be required to take class twice a week to better prepare for the graded exams by RAD.


No refunds. discounts or credits are given for missed classes for any reason. If you miss a class due to holiday or illness, the academy can offer a make-up lessons within the Term. These classes are subject to availability and to be arranged with the office staff and attended within the same term as the absence.

If you don’t like the class you have chosen, you have the option to transfer to another class provided there is a vacancy and you have advised staff. If you decided not to take up that option and stop dancing all together, all classes attended will be invoiced at our full fee-pricing schedule. Make up lessons are also permissible within the same term, providing arrangements are made with the staff prior to attending and there is a vacancy in the chosen class.

Pandemic, public health concern or government ordered closure clauses - Due to COVID 19 pandemic classes have to be moved online. As such if classes have to be moved online due to pandemic, public health concern or government ordered closure there will not no refund of fees. If you are not able to attend the online sessions, make up options will be made available for you when ever possible within the next term.


It is the parents’ and students’ responsibility to read relevant posted information at our website, notice board on a regular basis.

Academy will communicate with you primarily by phone/whatsApp during our regular office times (time) and by email if you consent to receive information from the academy via email. Please save our company no. in your contact list to receive broadcast messages from whatsApp.
The academy will not provide your details to any other company, entity, or organization unless you have given consent, and all information will be kept secure by the academy.


 Costume deposits will be required for each student if participating in any event requiring a costume. (i.e. public performances, and academy’s annual performance etc.) If a student fails to pay the required costume deposit, no costume will be provided.

All costumes will be designed and approved by the academy. Costume fees are the sole responsibility of the parents/students.


Student involvement in the annual performances is STRONGLY encouraged, but is NOT compulsory.

The academy advises full attendance at all rehearsals for the end of year performance. Academy reserves the right to re-consider participation in performances and groups by students who miss more than THREE classes/rehearsals in Term 4.


Dance is a physical activity and the teacher or teaching assistant may have to assist your child’s understanding of an action, posture or position by physical contact e.g. holding hands in a circle; correcting posture, lifting. You consent to employees, and directors of academy having contact with your child in this regard.

Should your child hurt him/herself, you consent to employees, and directors of the academy to attend to your child whilst waiting for the nominated guardian to take over.

Your child’s enrolment into the academy class is voluntary and participation in the class and the activities of ballet, creative movements and dance involve numerous risks of injury.

You must inform the academy and all teaching staff of any injuries, medical conditions and allergies suffered by your child.


 The Academy will not be held responsible for any injury sustained due to an unknown medical condition, accidental reasons or improper execution of instructors on the part of the student. However, every care will be taken to ensure the well being of students during class.

The academy will also not be held responsible for any claims arising from injury, damage or loss of life to the students while attending classes at the academy.

In consideration of  (CLIENTS) participation in and the use of academy’s facilities, he/she hereby releases and covenants not to sue the academy, its owners, directors, offices, employees, representatives, agents, trustees and lessees form any and all present claims resulting from ordinary negligence and inherent risk of use of facilities and equipment of the academy including but not limited to any loss, injury, damage or liability sustained by him/her while on or about the premises of firstpointe.


Parents with children under 10 years of age should supervise their children before class. We are only responsible for your children in the dance studio.

Students are expected to be collected from the studio by their parents before the commencement of the next class. If there is an unavoidable delay, students are expected to stay within the premises and refrained from running around the premises or making much noise.


It is COMPULSORY for all students to dressed in their respective ballet uniform according to the level of their class. Students are not allowed to wear other leotards except for the specified firstpointe class attire. They must appear neat & tidy during class. This will set a positive image on the students themselves as well as the academy. Students and parents are urged to co-operate to ensure that the regulations are enforced.

*May change from time to time

Class Class Attire Exam Attire
Baby Ballet 1 Light Pink leotard with attached skirt NA
Baby Ballet 2 Light Peach leotard with attached skirt NA
Pre-Primary Yellow leotard with attached skirt NA
Primary Baby Blue short sleeved leotard,skirt Lilac short sleeved leotard,skirt
Grade 1 Lilac short sleeved leotard Lavender sleeveless leotard
Grade 2 Lavender sleeveless leotard Marine blue sleeveless leotard
Grade 3 Marine blue sleeveless leotard Fruschia sleeveless leotard
Grade 4 Fruschia  sleeveless leotard Burgundy sleeveless leotard
Grade 5 Burgundy sleeveless leotard Navy sleeveless leotard
Grade 6 firstpointe-designed leotard firstpointe-designed leotard
Grade 7 firstpointe-designed leotard firstpointe-designed leotard
Grade 8 firstpointe-designed leotard firstpointe-designed leotard


Vocational Graded Class Leotard
Intermediate foundation Royal blue sleeveless leotard
Intermediate Royal blue sleeveless leotard
Advance foundation Black sleeveless leotard
Advance 1 Black sleeveless leotard
Advance 2 Black sleeveless leotard
Firstpointe performing group Black firstpointe-designed leotard

Black Character Skirts with ribbon trimmings as follow:
Grade 1-3 (Bright colours)
Grade 4-5 (Dark colours)

Black Character Shoes
Grade 1-2: Low Heel
Grade 3-5: Cuban (High) Heel

*May change from time to time

Students are strongly advised not to bring valuables or large amount of cash when attending classes. The academy will not held the responsible for any cash or items lost or stolen in the premises.

Please seek permission from the teachers and the other family members in class prior to photographing and videoing and class.

Any recording or photography is for personal use only and not be for commercial sale.Any photography or recording is not to be uploaded onto the internet, social networks or video/photo sharing sites.

All choreography works are the intellectual property of Firstpointe. It is a violation of copyright to reproduce, communicate, publish or perform or a “substantial part” of a piece of choreography, unless the copyright permission is given by the owner. Choreography copyrights including individual created solo, duet, group dances, it includes stage design, costume design, light design and all ideas of story and concept.

PDPA policy

We follow the standard PDPA policy to govern our client’s data and we do not share any data to outsider / 3rd party not related to firstpointe.

Friends of Firstpointe (FFP) – Terms and Conditions

  1. Benefits may change from time to time without prior notice to members.
  2. Refer to firstpointe website for benefits and partners details.
  3. The FFP membership is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or credits.
  4. The FFP membership will be cancelled once you are not a Firstpointe student.
  5. We will use your registered mobile no. as your FFP membership no.
  6. You will need to input your FFP membership no. when you make your purchases online @ Firstshop to encounter the discount.