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Adult Morning Ballet


Come and try out our variety of different open classes and RAD classes! I am sure there will be one just for you! Check us out now!

**. Please take note: You are only allowed to purchase Single trial pass once.
** Please check with us if there are any slot for the class before making purchase.

  1. Trial lesson @ $10 for the first class you like to try

– Each person is only entitled to one trial session @$10. Subsequence trial will be charged drop in fees.
– The is no refund once purchase is made.

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There are numerous benefits for adults who engage in ballet, a classical dance form that requires strength, flexibility, and coordination. Some of the key benefits of adults doing ballet include:

1. Physical Fitness 2. Posture and Alignment 3. Core Strength 4. Flexibility 5. Mental Well-being
6. Coordination and Balance 7. Social Interaction 8. Mind-Body Connection

In summary, engaging in ballet as an adult can provide numerous physical, mental, and social benefits. It can improve physical fitness, posture, flexibility, core strength, coordination, and balance, while also promoting mental well-being, creativity, and social interaction. Ballet can be a fulfilling and enjoyable form of exercise that promotes holistic health and wellness. So, if you’ve ever considered taking up ballet as an adult, don’t hesitate to give it a try! Speak us today to get started on your ballet journey.

Adult Morning Ballet

Adult Morning Ballet – Beginner Mon 10am-11am, Adult Morning Ballet – Intermediate Mon 11am-12:30pm