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Contemporary Trial Classes


OPEN CONTEMPORARY CLASSES! Book you trial today!

A technique class that progresses from warm up exercises that include starting on the floor to find relaxation and draw awareness to basic movement patterns of the body, to ballet-based centre exercises in standing, and then to travelling across the floor and moving in space.

**. Please take note: You are only allowed to purchase Single trial pass once.
** Please check with us if there are any slot for the class before making purchase.

  1. Trial lesson @ $10 for the first class you like to try

– Each person is only entitled to one trial session @$10. Subsequence trial will be charged drop in fees.
– Sign up for the term within 7 days after the trial class to enjoy waiver of registration fees $50!
– There is no refund once purchase is made.

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Contemporary Trial Classes




Trial Classes

Contemporary Intermediate Sat 1:30pm-2:45pm, Contemporary Sun 3:30pm-4:30pm