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Portable Ballet Barre (Best Seller!)


Now you can practice your barre works at the comfort of your home / Studio! Get your first personal Ballet Barre NOW!



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Our Signature Portable Ballet Barre #MyFirstBarre features a rubber mat at the base of the stand to give you more stability and traction. The wide base will also distribute the weight more evenly and reduce denting. It comes with tiny wheels on both ends, so you can lift one end to push or pull the barre. The wheels do not touch the ground when the barre is resting flat. Our BEST seller “1.8m with wood” design was so popular that we now have the “1.4m version that you can put in your room! Now you can practice at the comfort of your home!

1400 / 1820 / 3000 (L) x 1050 (H) x 600 (W)

*NEW* We now also offer a full stainless steel model (smooth without wooden sections); as well as longer versions 3m in length. Prices as follows:

1.4m with wood: $580
1.4m full metal: $480
1.8m with wood: $620
1.8m full metal: $520
3m with wood: $920
3m full metal: $870

** We are also able to customise floor or wall mounted barres of different lengths. FREE delivery!

** 1 Year warranty for manufacturing defects.

** Please note that this item is made to order. Lead time is approximately 2 to 3 weeks; subjected to peak periods. Full payment is required upon confirmation of order. WhatsApp or Email us to order or request for more information.

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Portable Ballet Barre

1.4m with wood, 1.4m full metal, 1.8m with wood, 1.8m full metal, 3m with wood, 3m full metal, 1.4- 1.8m Wall Mounted Single Barre Wood

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