How to sew ballet shoe ribbons

1. Fold ribbon in half and cut, then fold each piece in half and cut again, so that four equal lengths of ribbon are created. Use a lighter to warm the ends so they won’t fray.


2. Mark both ends (the ends closer to the heel) where the elastic is sewn with a pen/marker. If your shoe does not have existing elastics you can fold the heel.


3. Fold end of ribbon under (shiny to shiny surface). Align ribbon with the earlier marking.


4. Sew aligned to the existing stitches with a matching colour thread.


5. Sew in a box shape around the ribbon be careful to only sew to the lining.


6. Tie ribbons (inside ribbon goes out-in-out-in; outside ribbon goes in-out-in). Double knot behind ankle bone. Trim leaving approximately 1.5″ allowance (I use 3 fingers gauge). Warm edges with lighter to prevent fraying. Tuck ends neatly under.


7. Finished!