Tan Meng Hooi

Artistic Director

RAD registered

Tan Meng Hooi began her journey in dance training at the age of eight in Malaysia. In 2005, she was accepted into the dance program at Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. While at Lasalle, she studied under Jaime Redfern, Cheng Hsienfa, Albert Tiong, Ravenna Tucker, Elena Kanevskaia, Tan Ya Ling, Tammy L. Wong and Melissa Quek.

Meng Hooi’s performances include, “No Strings Attached”, a contemporary piece choreographed by Melissa Quek for the Singapore M1 Fringe Festival in 2009. For Singapore Da:ns Festival 2007, she performed in “Four legs in the morning, two at noon, three at night”, choreographed by Loretta Livingston, and “Lotto”, choreographed by Ming Lung Yang. In the same year, she performed in TARI festival that was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She received the title of the most outstanding student in RAD summer school 2006. She has also performed Swan Lake under the tutelage of Ravenna Tucker, ex principal of Royal Ballet in 2005. In the competitive arena, she was awarded first prize in the 11th Asia Pacific Dance Competition.

Her repertoire of skills also includes choreography works, such as, “Blossom” and “Danse de Celebration” for the Arts Festival of De Lasalle Primary School, as well as “Breaking Pointe” for the Singapore Youth Festival 2014. She also choreographed a full-length ballet, Cinderella for Crestar Annual Ballet Performance in the same year.

Meng Hooi is also a registered RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) teacher. Her passion in dance has developed her interest in sharing and nurturing aspiring dancers. She has 7 years of teaching experience with children as young as 3 years through adults.

Apart from her teaching responsibilities, Meng Hooi is also a dance artist in T.H.E second company. She has performed with company members in the Singapore Writer Festival (2012), and the company’s annual events, Contact and Lithe. She was also chosen to represent the company in the celebration of Singapore’s 50th birthday. Performing in London and New York in the event, Singapore Inside Out, a showcase of Singapore’s artists.

Jeff Loh
Hazel Tng


With a strong passion for dance and music, Jeff and hazel (Bachelor of Arts - Dance) decided that it was time to take what they love to do, to the next level. They started thinking about something that could collaborate the various mediums together to produce something more meaningful. They also wanted to inspire the new generation to pursue what they love to do, step out of the box and dare to be different.


Arts Culture was born in August 2010 - To pursue one’s passion and live life to the fullest. Since its inception, Arts Culture has impacted more than 15000 students through all our various programmes and are still continuing to do so. In the years to come, we want to do much more and hope to inspire people to continue to live their passions and pursue their dreams. As we grow as a company, we are excited for greater things to come!

Our Mission at Arts Culture is - Dance.Play.Live

The non-verbal and free expression of you, your thoughts, your world view, your feelings, your journey, your beliefs, your dreams, your inspirations, and your LIFE!

Some say, “Music is the door way to the soul. How about you? Whether you sing, play an instrument, rap, compose songs or create IT music, you can influence and impact your world with your music.

Dare to dream, dare to fight for what you believe, and dare to achieve. Arts Culture is here to help every individual reach their fullest potential and release the genius in them. Arts Culture wants you to live your dreams and reach for the impossible!

Touching Lives, Changing Destinies...

Lynnette Png

Ballet & Contemporary Dance Instructor

A graduate from School of the Arts, Singapore, Lynnette is well trained in Ballet, contemporary and Chinese dance. She’s been trained by renowned dance professionals such as Jeffrey Tan, Cheah Mei Sing and Silvia Yong. In 2011, she joined The Human Expression Second dance company and has performed in multiple performances locally, such as LiTHE and M1 Contact dance festival. She has also performed overseas in Kuala Lumpur dance festival. She achieved championship in The Royal Dance Off competition in 2013 under the group category.

Leow Huey Li

Ballet/Contemporary/Jazz Dance Instructor

Leow Huey Li graduated in 2021 with a diploma in dance from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). She began her ballet dance training at the age of 6 and contemporary at the age of 13 with Dance Space. She has gained great and reliable training throughout her dance years and has great experience and exposure. She has participated in various dance productions such as The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Giselle, and Romeo and Juliet. She also competed in The Dance Society of Malaysia in 2014 and got into the finals, and in 2016 she won 4th place. In the same year, she joined a 4 months Dancer's Training Programme (DTP) and was conferred their Best Performer award. She also has completed Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Advance 1 with distinction in 2017.

After completing her RAD Advanced 1, Huey Li decided to further pursue her dance journey in NAFA. While at NAFA, she has studied and worked under Dr. Filomar Tariao, Dr. Caren, Dr. David Zeitner, Ms. Gillian Tan, and more. During her NAFA days, Huey Li had the chance to collaborate with NAFA musicians for her choreography “Water, Wind, and Earth” at the National Gallery's Supreme Court Terrace.

Upon graduation, she began teaching at Firstpointe in 2021 and she is currently pursuing her studies to be a RAD certified ballet teacher. Despite teaching Huey Li has the opportunity to perform with the Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre (SCDT) and Firstpointe in 2022. Her passion and love for dance made her want to spread her knowledge and inspire the younger generation.

Eva Tey

Ballet/PBT/Contemporary Dancer and Instructor

Eva Tey, Principle dancer from Maya Dance Theatre since January 2015. She graduated with a First Class Honor, (BA) Degree in dance from Lasalle College of the Arts in May 2014. She learned Ballet since she was 7 years old and has completed her RAD Intermediate exam. She exposed to Contemporary dance when she entered Lasalle College of the Arts. Eva has been learning Bharatanatyam under the guidance of Miss Kavitha Krishnan, Mr Ajith Bhaskar and Miss Laskhmi Krishnan. She is experienced in pre-school and special needs programme facilitation and conducts community programmes. She is a PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique) certified teacher since the year 2021.

Eva believes in “ Dance to Connect ; Move to Heal”. She is interested in using dance as a therapy to connect with people.

Ng Zu You

Contemporary Dance Instructor

Zu You started dance at the age of 13, training in classical Chinese and folk dance. To further pursue his passion, he enrolled in LASALLE College of Arts, graduating with a Diploma in Dance. In 2017, he also completed a BA in Dance from Taipei University of Arts. Zu You worked as a dance artist with T.H.E Dance Company from 2017-2022.


Chiew Jing-Fu Vera

Ballet/ Contemporary/ Jazz Instructor

Vera first ventured into the arts through ballet under Ms Lovell Chia and Cheng Ballet Academy, competing in various ballet competitions. While at School Of The Arts (SOTA), she continued experimenting with other dance forms, including contemporary and jazz. Vera has worked with many dance professionals including Silvia Yong, Ryan Tan, Jeffrey Tan, Jacinta Walsh and Heather Myers. She has since continued her training and exploration under T.H.E Second Company and NUS Dance Synergy.

Agnes Lim

KPOP Dance Instructor
Emcee/ Dancer/ Dance Fitness
Diploma in Dance

Agnes Lim is a renowned Emcee and Dancer with a proven track record of success in the entertainment industry. With years of experience, Agnes has cemented herself as a top performer, showcasing her talents in various competitions, plays, variety shows, and concerts throughout the region. She has proven herself as a versatile artist who excels in multiple areas of entertainment.

Agnes has completed a Dance Diploma with the prestigious Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, which has equipped her with the technical and artistic skills needed to excel in her craft. This training has given Agnes the foundation and expertise to create stunning performances that captivate audiences. As an Emcee and Dancer, Agnes is able to engage and interact with audiences of all ages, making her a great choice for any event.

Agnes is a true professional with exceptional coordination, discipline, and stamina necessary for high-intensity performances. As a dancer, she is skilled in various genres of dance, including jazz, contemporary, ballet, and hip-hop. With her natural grace and impeccable footwork, Agnes has won numerous dance competitions, further establishing her as one of the most talented and sought-after dancers in the industry.

Not only is Agnes an accomplished dancer, but she is also a skilled Emcee. She has the ability to connect with audiences and create lively and dynamic events. With her creativity, energy, and charm, Agnes knows how to keep guests entertained and excited throughout any event.