How to tie a tight ballet bun

A professionally tied, firm, neat and flat ballet bun is crucial for ballet classes and performances. It keeps loose hair away from the face and helps you dance better. A flat bun will improve your balance and turns.

To achieve a neat tight bun, you will need the following:

  • spritz bottle of water
  • fine tooth comb
  • hair elastic (grippy type)
  • fine hair net
  • U pins

1. Light mist hair with the water spray. This makes the hair easier to manage and tames flyaway strands.


2. Using a fine tooth comb keeps the ponytail tight and close to the scalp. Comb hair into a neat tight ponytail and secure with a grippy hair elastic.


3. Lightly twist the hair and wrap around the ponytail base in a spiral manner until a bun is formed. As you wrap you may flatten it against the scalp.


4. Wrap the fine hair net around the flat bun to hold its shape. Depending on the size of the net and the bun you may wrap it around a few times.


5. While holding the bun flat against the scalp, insert u pins all around the circumference of the bun. The pins should be inserted in a pointing outwards manner (Fig 5a) then turn under the bun and insert pointing inwards (Fig 5b).


6. Finish with hairspray if necessary to keep flyaway hairs in check.